San Fernando has always festivals in summer, because living in the coast, in Cádiz, on the south, with beaches and marshes next to it, it’s a great luxury.


It was summer in 1983, when Antonio Salas, who had founded “a base hockey club” in La Salle school in San Fernando, had the idea of a sum-mer tournament for its players to compete, because in that time children didn’t have any lessons.

At the beginning, Antonio Salas trained his players every day of the sum-mer since very early in the morning, because children didn’t have lessons and they were on holiday, but it was very monotonous, and boredom could not be positive for the team and physique skills development at hockey, he thought.


Antonio Salas agreed with “the Indian idea” of starting playing hockey at the early age of 6, for the brain to invest on the opposite of the usual hemisphere, but he wanted to move forward that idea, so he planned ta-king physical training (the worst part!) but at the same time having fun, also in summer holidays.


They were the only ones who trained while the others didn’t do anything. The advance was huge, and a year and a half after some of the children made debut in Senior with Cadiz C.F. on lea-gue, although some of them were U14 (“Infantil”) and others U18 (“Juvenil”).


When he showed his project to the Municipal Sponsorship of Sports and to the coach of C.D. Terrassa, Ranjit Shing Matharú, they supported him to continue with his team.


“A modest team without any economic aids, any quotas or instalments (‘cero pesetas’ as we say here), we knew we were thought as mad people, but we did not care, because we were happy.” Antonio said.


And this way, this event was celebrated in Caño Herrera after asking them. It was named ‘Del Carmen y de la Sal’ in honour of the mistress of San Fernando and the city festivities.



                                                     Antonio Salas